Daniel Cooper Bermúdez is a human rights defender from Maracaibo, Venezuela. 

After obtaining his Political Science degree, Daniel directed projects to defend human rights in his home state through the documentation of violations, support for victims, and network-building efforts with the Human Rights Commission of Zulia State (Codhez). 

In 2019, he founded Hearts On Venezuela, an organisation dedicated to improving strategic communications of civil society actors with the international community by systematising access to context-appropriate translation and interpretation services.

Since 2020, Daniel directed a project for the leading Venezuelan human rights organisation, Civilis Derechos Humanos, to strengthen civil society by facilitating networks, advocacy strategies, and capacity-building programmes for local organisations. 

During his time at Oxford, Daniel hopes to build networks of activists and policymakers with the vocation of tackling global issues such as democratisation, human rights, climate action, peace, and justice.

Daniel is an Eisenhower Global Scholar.