Aníbal Abogabir Ovalle is a Chilean professional who studied Business and Economics at the Universidad del Desarrollo, with experience in both government and the private sector.

His passionate commitment to public service started when he was a young student, leading different social initiatives across Chile, and being awarded the ELAP scholarship by the Canadian government.

Later, working as Chief of Staff at the Ministry of Education in Chile, he had the challenge of creating the first Undersecretariat of Higher Education, as well as actively participating in the development, implementation, and coordination of important public policies.

Before coming to Oxford, he was working in an innovative social tech company called SemSo, which aims to transform business into an engine for social development, improving the well-being of millions of families.

Now, Aníbal is interested in reinforcing the relationship between the private sector, civil society, and the state, to achieve the changes that Chile and the world need.

Aníbal is a Luksic Scholar.