Amirah is the Executive Director of B-Trust, a non-profit advisory group that supports the Indonesian government in leveraging innovation, participation, and good governance to improve public services.

She is also a politician from GOLKAR, a long-established centrist party in Indonesia and ran as a candidate for the national parliament in 2019. She is particularly passionate about building the capacity and leadership of youth and women in the party. 

Amirah has worked as a Public Sector Consultant at the World Bank, working on e-government, civil service reform, public financial management, and social accountability projects. She also has experience working in the private sector as an enterprise information technology professional at IBM.

Her research interests include the fields of political economy, governance, electoral politics, and public sector reform.

Amirah holds a Master of Public Administration (with Distinction) from the LSE and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung.