Social Outcomes Conference 2022

Blavatnik School of Government and Zoom
Open to the public
1 day £145 / 1 day student £45 / 2 day £290 / 2 day student £90
September 2022

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After two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, countries around the world have seen a huge increase in both state intervention and government outsourcing, and debates around cross-sector partnerships, procurement and governance have never felt so pertinent. At a key time where we have the opportunity to “build back better” and redesign our policy tools and instruments to suit a more inclusive and sustainable system, is it time to rethink how power is shared and collaboration is managed at both local and national levels?

Picking up on debates from last year’s Social Outcomes Conference around the relationship between public and private interests, we will delve deeper into the challenges and values of collaboration between government and the social and private sectors to improve social outcomes.

Of particular interest is the role of government in bringing partners together, to complement each other and collaborate in a meaningful way. Whether we consider public and private interests to be divided or intertwined, governments have a clear role in communicating goals, shaping sustainable solutions, and galvanising experimentation across sectors to solve some of the biggest social problems. It is vital to consider how governments in both high- and low-income countries might foster better partnerships to tackle regional disparities, promote place-based programmes and empower local citizens. Such governance is not easy to achieve, and questions remain around accountability and risk. Hence, SOC22 is guided by the following question:

How can government collaborate with the voluntary, social and private sectors to develop, manage and evaluate shared social outcomes?

Keynote speaker

Julie BattilanaWe are delighted to announce that Professor Julie Battilana will deliver the Social Outcomes Conference 2022 keynote speech on Thursday 8 September.

Julie Battilana is a professor of organisational behavior and social innovation at the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School, where she is also the founder and faculty chair of the Social Innovation and Change Initiative. Her most recent book, Power, for All, offers a timely, democratised vision of power. Everyone can understand how power operates, and research shows that once you understand, you can take action to improve life for yourself and others.

With cross-sector collaborations being central to this year’s Social Outcomes Conference, Battilana’s research will resonate with many participants. Power, for All is an essential guide to understanding, navigating, and sharing power in our relationships, organisa­tions, and society.


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