Case method for public policy: Connecting teaching and research

An online workshop for academic leaders in policy schools
Open to the public
June 2020

Please note: registration for this workshop is now closed.

This online workshop, hosted by the Case Centre on Public Leadership, is for faculty at policy schools looking at ways to further bridge research and teaching and become more exciting and impactful teachers.

Due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop will now run as a half-day online programme. The in-person workshop, where participants will be immersed in case method pedagogy over the course of two days in Oxford, will now be held on 21-22 June 2021.


Over the course of this half-day workshop, you will see a short case study being taught, explore case teaching best practices, and discuss the opportunities the case method affords schools of government and public administration. We will also discuss online teaching by the case method.

The workshop will be led by Blavatnik School case method experts Professor Karthik Ramanna and Dr Emily Jones. Professor Ramanna is the director of the Case Centre on Public Leadership, an experienced case method educator, and a prize-winning case writer. Dr Jones has been active in adapting the case method to public policy education. She has developed and taught a number of dynamic case studies and simulations in both MPP courses and trainings for senior leaders.

Case method teaching at the Blavatnik School

Since 2017 the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government has been adapting the case method to the unique needs of public policy education. Our team at the School’s Case Centre on Public Leadership was recognised with the 2019 Outstanding Case Writer award by the international Case Centre organisation – the independent home of the case method. What distinguishes our use of the case method is that we employ it to bring cutting-edge faculty scholarship into the classroom, thus marrying disciplinary research and policy teaching. Knowing that we share a mission to advance public service worldwide, the Blavatnik School is keen to share this powerful strategy with other schools of government public policy.


The workshop fee of £150 includes tuition and access to dedicated Blavatnik School Case Centre materials on developing case studies and employing the case method. In addition, the fees of the virtual workshop can be applied as credit for our next in-person case method workshop (to be held in Oxford on 21-22 June 2021), where the conversations we start online this year will continue.