The future of social services: panel discussion on The Invisible Heart film


The Invisible Heart is certain to spark debate about the future of social services in the 21st century. We will be hosting a panel discussion to explore the critical questions raised in the film. Between them, our panellists have a range of experience on different aspects of social impact bonds. Mara Airoldi, Director of the GO Lab will be chairing the panel.

Robert Pollock is a Director at Social Finance and leads their work on reforming public services. Before joining Social Finance he was a senior civil servant at HM Treasury and in 2013 he founded the Public Service Transformation Network, working collaboratively to test and scale outcomes based delivery models. Social Finance was involved in the development of the first SIB and have been leading on many other SIB projects across the UK and globally.

Tara Case is CEO of Ways to Wellness, a large scale social prescribing service and the first health service in the UK to be funded through a SIB. Tara will draw on her experience from work in NHS commissioning and a decade of clinical patient care as an occupational therapist in England and Canada. She is a GO Lab Fellow of Practice and brings practical experience of implementing a SIB to the discussion.

Kathy Evans is CEO of Children England. During her career she has been in numerous high level positions in the voluntary sector, including Chair of the Standing Committee for Youth Justice and a consultant to the Police Foundation and Justice. She brings a wealth of experience in policy and service provision to the discussion.

The invisible heart

Filmed over three years in the UK, the US and Canada, The Invisible Heart explores the growth of Social Impact Bonds, from the first in Peterborough to the question of where they fit in the future of public policy. This documentary seeks to understand the impact that market forces have on social services and the people they help.

The documentary follows a varied cast as they work to tackle a range of tough social issues. From Math Radfar, a social worker supporting the chronically homeless population in Toronto, to Caroline Mason a co-designer and investor for the world's first SIB in Peterborough, and J.B.Pritzker, a venture capitalist and philanthropist who is funding a SIB in Chicago, The Invisible Heart explores these contrasting perspectives.