Protect your organisation from cyber attacks

Protect your organisation from cyber attacks in today's increasingly connected world. Aimed at public sector leaders or those leading organisations that handle vast amounts of public data, this eight-week online course will teach you the basics of cyber security so you can better plan for and respond to potential threats.

Whether you work in the public or private sector, protecting data and technology has become an essential part of a leader’s role. Leaders have a responsibility to protect their organisation and customers from cyber security threats. By being aware of the risks and taking steps to mitigate cyber security breaches, you can help keep your organisation safe from attack.

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Registrations are open for the August 2024 intake
Start date3 August 2024
Duration8 weeks
Manage cyber security risks

Learn to effectively manage cyber security risks by considering both technical and human factors. During the Cyber Security for Public Leadership course, you will explore how and why cyber attacks happen and common types of malicious practice. Your studies will help you develop an understanding of who may be responsible for them and the sorts of harm they can cause. 

You will examine cyber security as an operational risk and how to manage it, covering both technical and human-related factors. 

This course will equip you to: 

  • identify appropriate cyber risks for your organisation; 
  • make well-informed decisions when procuring new technologies; 
  • accurately assess the levels of security risk facing your organisation; 
  • work with technology experts to develop and implement strategies to mitigate cyber threats; and 
  • respond effectively and efficiently to cyber security incidents.  

The course achieves these learning outcomes with the help of a variety of pedagogical activities, including simulation exercises and the analysis of real-world case studies. As well as learning from expert Oxford University faculty, you will be supported by a course facilitator.

This non-technical online course will teach you how to consider cyber security strategy and threat intelligence as an integral part of your operations, policies and planning.

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