Research projects

Find out about some of the ongoing research projects at the School. These may be core funded or externally funded, and range from extensive, long term collaborations requiring fieldwork and data analysis to more informal areas of interest that are being explored.

Research Projects

Analysing the impacts of new global financial standards on low income countries
Insights into why global cooperation is failing and what can be done about it
Determining the causes and the consequences of limited access, equity and affordability of health care in resource-poor Asian systems
How can governments best try to cut costs without damaging front-line services?
Is cultural assimilation good or bad for health?
Innovative projects that aim to empower scientific educators to improve teaching impacts
Mapping shifts in global governance and impacts on climate negotiations
Can monitoring teacher performance improve student learning outcomes?
Understanding the nature and scale of latest reforms in public administration


Past research projects

Synthesising lessons learned from country case examples
Incentivising hospitals to deliver efficient, high quality services
Examining the battle between pathogen and host in HIV patients
New empirical evidence for understanding democracy at the global scale
How demographic trends within states influence global dynamics
How trust, responsibility and remuneration interact in the banking world
Building an ethical understanding of the impacts of applying new military technologies
Supporting better decision-making in technological investments
Seeking to provide a novel basis for economic forecasting and risk analysis
Exploring how best to improve training, exchange and education programmes