After the MPP

Oxford graduates are often highly sought after by employers around the world, and the career prospects for a successful MPP student at Oxford can be excellent. With its emphasis on academic analysis complemented by the opportunity to develop a range of professional skills, the MPP provides you with an excellent foundation for a successful career in public service, whether in government, in non-governmental organisations or in the private sector.

The Professional Skills for Public Policy Careers programme enhances the applied focus of the course and encourages you to think about and prepare for your future career from the moment of arrival. The University of Oxford’s Careers Service is located very closely to the School and is a source of valuable information and personal advice, whilst you are a student and once you become a member of the alumni community. Through the Professional Skills programme, you will be encouraged to develop a range of skills required in the modern workforce and strengthen your understanding of career paths and opportunities. For some, the process involved in securing a Summer Project placement provides an exceptional opportunity to rehearse the job application process and, once in placement, build and strengthen new networks for career advancement.

In addition, your involvement with the Blavatnik School of Government as an MPP student enables you to enjoy lifelong membership of the Blavatnik School alumni community. This community will provide you with social connections, professional guidance and continual learning exchanges throughout your career. Our alumni network is envisaged as a community that cuts across class years and programmes and connects our many talented and inspiring former students with other equally exceptional people. This community will enable you to turn to other alumni, and to School faculty, as trusted sources of advice and guidance. The connections fostered by this network will also serve as powerful reminders about our shared commitment to public service and our desire to make a positive, real difference in the world.

Our graduates are now working in a range of public policy roles in different sectors all over the world. You can read more about our alumni at the links below.