Innovations in public management and integrity of government

Can we improve the integrity and effectiveness of institutions to respond to increasingly complex challenges facing all communities?

Communities across the world yearn for more effective, honest and accountable government. What prevents us from successfully implementing expert advice or cooperating effectively to reach mutual agreement? Our research aims to understand failures of governance and how we can make our public policies and institutional frameworks work better. We are interested in learning how to create robust and representative political institutions. We take comparative, historical and cross-disciplinary approaches to understanding the drivers for public, private and civil participation at all levels of politics, from the local to global. We aim to inform the development of new pathways to overcoming local hurdles and global challenges. Our goal is to bring about lasting social, economic and environmental well-being.

(Includes shared service, trust in government, government integrity, public-private partnerships, ethics of decision-making, international institutions, regulatory reform, etc.)




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Investigating theoretical dimensions and practical implications of trust

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