Sarah Farooqui


I graduated with an honours degree in English Literature, from St.Stephen’s College, Delhi. After interning with NGOs on employability and education, I shifted to the policy sector in 2012. At Public Affairs Centre, a think tank in Bangalore, I anchored projects studying the implementation of child protection policies across Karnataka, and managed a project which brought together NGOs to assess governance issues. I was also a pioneer team member at the Takshashila Institution – a think tank and school of public policy – where I was Editor for its publications and blogs, including the institutional magazine "Pragati – The Indian National Interest Review", and Manager for the flagship public policy course.
I edited and contributed to a book of essays “Distance From Delhi” on geopolitics, economics and policy. I contribute to newspaper columns and blogs on education, child protection, geopolitics, gender and literature. I am particularly interested in foreign policy.

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