Safa Karman


I am a journalist with Al Jazeera since 2010 and was the first Yemeni woman to join the giant media network based in Doha. My work varied between in-house producing, field corresponding, and investigative reporting/documentary filmmaking. I have intensively covered the revolutions - known as the Arab Spring - in Yemen, Syria, and Egypt and have co-founded the the first NGO in Yemen to provide psychological treatment and support for war-zone civilians. I am from Yemen where I got my undergraduate degree in Law and Sharia from Sana'a University in 2009. During college years, volunteering with different NGOs was a primary thing and I was elected the vice president of the Legal and Constitutional Committee in the Youth Consultative Committee, a parallel body to the Upper House. My key policy interest is women empowerment; to achieve that,I strongly believe in bringing change from within by tackling the cultural and religious institutions.

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