Mr Ikeda is currently a Senior Probation Officer at the Tokyo Probation Office Tachikawa Branch of the Ministry of Justice in Japan. He has engaged in policymaking regarding old building renovation and environment education in the Ministry of Land and Infrastructure, and the Ministry of the Environment.

He holds a master’s degree in Psychology and Business Administration, concentrating on business analytics. From 2018 to 2021, he was a senior researcher at the Research Department of the Research and Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice of Japan, responsible for data analytics on crime trends and offender characteristics. In addition, he was involved in an international survey of outcome evaluation methods in offender rehabilitation. 

In Japan, the Pay-For-Success contracting has increased at a regional level for the past couple of years. At the national level, the Ministry of Justice launched a pilot SIB programme for the learning support of juvenile delinquents this year. Accordingly, he will be sent to the Government Outcomes Lab from Jan 2022. From the perspective of government officials, he will create a knowledge source regarding measuring outcomes and value for money to move from pilot programmes to system-wide approaches.