Oezlem Buran


Born to Turkish parents in Germany, I graduated from the University of Vienna where I was introduced to startup culture and the tools digitization equipped us with. Upon graduation, I worked with the digital Avantgarde from various industries and am still fascinated by their unconventional approach to solve complex problems. When in 2015 people started to cry out “refugee crisis”, we worked on an idea that eventually became the cornerstone for “ReDI School of Digital Integration“, a non-profit coding school for refugees, which we founded in 2016.
In the following months I spent more time with policy makers and realized that private and public actors react similar to digitization: with uncertainty and caution, sticking to policy methods from a pre-digital era. Hence, my interest in public policy grew.
As a SUN Fellow, I am looking forward to study policies that not only enable, but also accelerate entrepreneurship and digital innovation.

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