Ninon Godefroy


Upon graduating from SOAS, University of London, I went to work for a Taiwanese solar energy manufacturer with factories across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

For the past three years I have travelled across remote areas of the developing world, overseeing the implementation of solar energy installations funded by Taiwanese foreign aid programs.

My major policy interest revolves around two questions: how new technologies can be made available to poor areas as to stimulate socio-economic development; how Taiwanese foreign aid programs can be rendered more effective for the donor as well as the recipient.

In my free time, I enjoy launching my own projects. In 2015, I initiated EPIC FAILURES, a conference aimed at celebrating creativity and innovation built through failures ( In 2016, I am setting-up ART/EARTH/TECH, a program aimed at reflecting on how to foster more wisdom in our societies and our everyday lives (

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