Nesrine Ben Brahim


My name is Nesrine Ben Brahim, 25 years old, French born Tunisian. Over the summer, I was studying Peace Research at the University of Oslo in collaboration with Peace Research Institute Oslo. After graduating from high school, I pursued studies in medicine at the faculty of Medicine of Tunis. After 3 years as a medical student and the uprising in Tunisia, I decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration at the Mediterranean School of Business. I have also had the opportunity to study at Catolica School of business and Economics in Portugal. My interests are public health, having worked for 3 years as a medical intern, refugees and migration, having both volunteered and interned for the UNHCR, and development and state building, with a particular focus on the MENA region. I have also worked as a debate trainer with the Young Arab Voices Program at the British Council.

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