Mehdi Shiva is an Economist at the GO Lab. His work involves enhancing the reliability of impact bond evaluations by promoting robust economic evaluation methods such as cost-effectiveness and decision analysis.

Prior to joining the GO Lab team, Mehdi worked with medical researchers at the Ninewells Hospital, Dundee to analyse the cost-effectiveness of innovative methods of diagnosing prostate cancer.

Other experiences include directing a research programme of an entrepreneurial company, Happening Technologies, in collaboration with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, which familiarised him with designing research projects and building research capabilities in coalition with the public sector.

Mehdi holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Dundee, an MSc in Empirical and Theoretical Economics from the Paris School of Economics, an MSc in Models and Methods of Quantitive Economics from the University of Paris I: Panthéon-Sorbonne, and a BSc in Economics from the University of Tehran.