Kennedy Mbeva is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Global Economic Governance programme.

In his role, Kennedy is contributing to the Future of Climate Cooperation project, which aims to better understand what institutional changes will be required in order for the international climate change regime, broadly conceived, to meet its objectives.

The project does this by bringing together existing research, promoting further research into knowledge gaps, and looking across different areas to address critical gaps and weaknesses.

Kennedy’s research in the project analyses the challenges and opportunities faced by developing and emerging countries in contributing to long-term international climate cooperation. 

A Kenyan national, Kennedy holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Melbourne. His broader research interests are in the linkage politics of sustainability and economic governance. He also has experience in policy convening and international diplomacy.

Kennedy has also studied and worked in several countries including Australia, China and Germany. 


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Other publications

Cooperative climate action 2013 – 2018: Global performance and geographic scope, A report of the project “Strengthening non-state climate action in the Global South” (ClimateSouth), 2018