Katherine Tyson

Research Officer (GEG)

Katherine T. Tyson started at GEG in 2016 as a Research Officer for Dr. Emily Jones. Katherine is an MPhil student at the Department of Politics and International Relations (DPIR). Katherine completed her undergraduate degree at the University of British Columbia, Canada studying willingness to adopt the regulatory harmonization’s of Financial Stability Board among countries. During her time at the University of British Columbia Katherine worked with Dr. Alan Jacobs as a Research Assistant on projects concerning willingness to pay.

Before coming to Oxford, Katherine completed a certificate in Critical Issues in International Relations at the SIPA, Columbia University, New York; as well as a 12-month certificate from Waseda University, Tokyo with the Center for Japanese Language. Katherine has also worked for the Canadian federal government, with NGOs in South East Asian, as a Vice-President of her Student Union, and facilitating several international conferences. Katherine’s research interests include International Organizations, International Political Economy, Global Governance, and Institutional Design; particularly concerning the coordination and provision of Global Public Goods.