Jose Maria Valenzuela

Jose Maria Valenzuela

DPhil in Public Policy Student (2017)

I am motivated by the possibilities of creative public policy, nurtured through international collaboration between state and non-state agents. I work on the challenges of energy systems transformation in response to social and environmental concerns, in particular climate change.

My published work concerns the multiple dimension of transforming the energy sector with an emphasis on the role of innovative forms of governance, regulation and property. Previously, I worked for Mexico’s Department of Energy on climate change and renewable energy policy. On the same topics, I worked or consulted for international (IADB, UNIDO and UNEP), transnational (WWF), and national organizations in Mexico (FDS) and the United States (NREL). I hold an undergraduate degree in International Relations from El Colegio de México, a MPA degree from Tsinghua University, and graduated with honors from the MA program of the Committee on International Relations at the University of Chicago.

Between 2011 and 2013 I was part of Canada’s Waterloo Global Science Initiative and in 2013 I was selected as a Future Energy Leader (FEL) by the London based World Energy Council and have remained part of the FEL Program throughout these years.


Peer-reviewed publications

2017 | “Market institutions, state ownership and intervention in the power sector reform in Mexico”Foro Energetico Working paper series, Mexico: El Colegio de México.

2017 | “The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transition under the Golden Age of Gas”, in Arendt, D. Arndt, C., Miller, M. Tarp, F. and Zinaman, O. (eds.), The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transition,Oxford: Oxford University Press [open access book].

2016 | “The Political Economy of Clean Energy Transition under the Golden Age of Gas”, UNU-WIDER Working paper series, UNU-WIDER and Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis, with Isabel Studer.

2016 | “Clean Restructuring: Design Elements for Low- Carbon Wholesale Markets and Beyond”, 21t Century Power Partnership, with Monisha Shah, Hector Alejandro Beltran Mora, et a

2015 | “Power Systems of the Future”The Electricity Journal, 28, pp. 113-126, with Owen Zinaman, Mackay Miller, Ali Adil, Douglas Arent, et al.

2014 | “Climate Change Agenda at Subnational Level in Mexico: Policy coordination or policy competition?”, Environmental Policy and Governance, 24, pp. 188-203.

2010 | “Yacimientos de hidrocarburos transfronterizos: entre el hecho jurídico y el diplomático”, Anuario Mexicano de Derecho Internacional, Instituto de Investigaciones Jurídicas-UNAM, 10, pp. 323-358.


Impact and blog publications

2015 | “China, de la confrontación al liderazgo climático”Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica, 15 (4), pp. 15-22 [China, form confrontation to climate leadership].