Joaquín Fuenzalida


I am Joaquín Fuenzalida Concha, Chilean, male, married, and 28 years old. I was born in Santiago de Chile on March 27, 1988 and I have lived in Chile for all my life. I studied at "Colegio San Ignacio" school (a Jesuit institution) from 1992 to 2005. Then I studied Civil Engineering at the Catholic University of Chile (2006 to 2011). In march of 2012 I started to work as a professional in a latin american NGO called "TECHO", whose goal is to help latin americans to overcome poverty and specifically to help in making people's right to adequate housing become real. I worked there as a Project manager and then as the Director of engineering and planning for Chile until April of 2016, when I quit to dedicate all my energies to the MPP and my Family. My key policy interests are in the fields of housing and urbanism.

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