Governing digital platforms: policy options for a principled future

Digital Pathways Seminar Series
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June 2021

Digital platforms such as Google, Amazon and Facebook play an increasingly central role in the economy and society, and are recasting the relationships between customers, advertisers, workers and employers. This has triggered a public debate on the economic dominance of online platforms and their practices of pervasive data collection. How can digital platforms be governed in a principled way?

In this seminar – part of Digital Pathways at Oxford's 'New Frontiers of Digital Governance' seminar series – Professor Annabelle Gawer, Visiting Professor of Strategy and Innovation at the Oxford Saïd Business School and the Director of the Centre of Digital Economy at the University of Surrey, presents an analysis of the economic and societal effects of digital platforms and discusses policy options, based on her recent report on this topic for the European Parliament.

'New Frontiers of Digital Governance' is an online series by Digital Pathways at Oxford which explores cutting-edge research on the governance of digital technologies. The series brings together leading experts to discuss the real-world policy implications of their work, and provides an opportunity for audience engagement.

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