Development Research Centre (DRC) Partnership

The DRC Partnership, established in September 2016, is part of the wider partnership between the UK Department for International Development and the Development Research Centre (DRC) of the State Council of China on Knowledge for Development.

DRC Fellowship

The fellowship programme aims to increase DRC’s capacity in producing and disseminating research results on China’s domestic development experiences, its overseas development assistance, and its engagement in global governance. It will also provide information and policy recommendations on policies and actions related to China and its role in the world—particularly vis-à-vis other developing countries.

From 2017, the School has hosted between five and seven DRC fellows per year. Each fellowship lasts for a minimum of seven months and a maximum of one year. Fellows are a key part of the academic community at the Blavatnik School and produce at least at least one presentation and one report during their stay. Each fellow is assigned a nominated academic supervisor who provide academic support during their stay.

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