Fees, finance, and scholarships

Undertaking study at BSG requires a major financial, as well as intellectual commitment. Each year a majority of MPP students are successful in applying for some form of scholarship or financial award, often receiving full funding for their study. We provide help and advice to students who have demonstrated their own efforts in securing financial assistance. We are committed to ensuring that the financial burden of undertaking the MPP does not prevent the brightest and best applicants from applying to our programmes.

In these pages we provide some guidance which we hope will be helpful in your search for funding.


There are four types of expense to budget for when calculating the cost of graduate study:

  • University tuition fee: the 2015/16 fee for the Master of Public Policy is £33,745 (please note that a deposit is required to secure your offer). What does that equate to in your currency?
  • College fee: the college fee covers academic facilities and other services provided by your college. The annual fee does not include accommodation or meal charges and is payable in addition to the University tuition fee. In 2015/16 the graduate College fees is £2,848.
  • Living costs: the 2015/16 estimated living costs for a graduate student at Oxford will be available in October. In the meantime, last year's living costs are available here for information. 
  • Please also note that depending on a student’s placement, there may be additional costs associated with the summer project.

More information is available on the University's page on fees and funding

Financial support 

We expect all applicants to explore all funding opportunities available to them at all levels - local, national and University. So how can you be successful in securing financial assistance for your studies? There are two simple things to keep in mind: make sure you look at all possible avenues of funding; and start your funding search early. If you invest time in a thorough and timely search you will be surprised at the number of funding opportunities available.

To view a list of just some of the funding BSG students have successfully secured visit the Ideas for financial assistance page

If you require financial assistance, there are three ways you can get help:

University of Oxford - The University of Oxford offers a mixture of scholarships and awards, with a range of eligibility criteria often including the applicant’s country of origin. To search what is available to you as an BSG student, please visit the Fees, Funding and Scholarship search tool on the University of Oxford website. You can also search all available scholarships by region via the University-wide scholarships page.

External organisations and funding bodies – There are many scholarships, bursaries and grants available to support your studies. These could be from a charity, sponsor(s), a research council, employer, government body, the European Union or any other professional association. The Alternative Guide to Postgraduate Funding gives advice about applying for funding from charities and trusts, provides a searchable database of external funders, and advises on how to make a strong applications. You can find the guide on the University's Other funding sources page. You may also want to check the External scholarships page for links to external funders. If an external body would like to liaise with us directly please contact the Admissions team who will be happy to give advice or provide a letter of support for an external funding application.

BSG – Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, and in addition to the funding available for all Oxford graduate students, we offer a mixture of fully funded scholarships and fees awards to support students from all regions of the world. To make your search easier, we have a created a list of scholarships and financial awards specifically for BSG students and their eligibility requirements.

In addition to the above advice you can also visit the BSG blog for 5 simple steps to help you look for the right financial support.